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Hire a ROBOT For Your Next Theme Park Event

Robot Hire for Theme Park Attractions

ITSY ROBOT is a fun, futuristic family-entertainment attraction with funny and cute routines - adored by children and adults. Perfect for indoor/outdoor entertainment at theme park attractions.

Are you looking to promote a new ride or attraction? Then a robot entertainer could be the perfect addition.

Theme Parks are always looking for FUN activities and attractions for families. It's difficult coming up with ideas for family breaks such as Christmas, Easter, half-term and summer holidays. You might have tried a 'TITAN'-type robot show but now looking for something new, interactive and a flexible attraction? Our robot is a hi-tech walking, talking and dancing machine! If you want to hire an interactive robot to pose for selfies, walkabout your theme park and engage with everyone - then this is the robot entertainer for you.

Hire a Robot for your Holiday Park Visitor and Resident's Events

Looking for a futuristic theme for your Holiday Park or Holiday Village?

When you hire ITSY Robot you provide a hi-tech attraction for your visitors and residents. Our robot is a walking, talking, dancing machine! Capable of interacting with all ages. Our robot will have fun and interact with your visitors and residents encouraging them to join in and take selfies - which is very good for your branding and social media.

ITSY ROBOT is perfect as a meet and greet attraction and can understand requests, direct people or give out information. When you hire our robot you get the most from your investment. ITSY ROBOT is not confined to one place and is happy to walkabout your venue.

Create a truly memorable event and entertain more people when you hire a fully interactive walkabout Robot.

Why hire an interactive Robot for your venue?


Add a futuristic theme to your park, ride or attraction. A walkabout robot that will have fun with your customers, pose for selfies and promote your brand through social media.


Our robot will attract and entertain a crowd and increase footfall. Using funny and charming routines to make your venue memorable. Selfies and brand/logo promotion.


Add futuristic fun to create brand exposure of a new business and help promotion through social media, word-of-mouth and media coverage.


Entertain your guests with interactive shows and walkabouts. Encourage brand exposure through selfies, video and social media coverage.

Watch ITSY Robot in action...

You can hire a robot for your indoor our outdoor event or festival

Hi-Tech Design

Futuristic design.
Colour changing lighting.
Interactive voice control.
On-board sound system.

Audience Participation

Interactive conversation.
Dance routines.
Live shows.
Street performances.

Better Branding

Promote your logo or brand.
Visual LOGO display.
Selfie and photo shoots.
Social media awareness.

Increase Footfall

Provokes curiosity.
Increased awareness.
Meet and greets.
Interactive walkabout.

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